What is the Problem With Northern Virginia and Washington, DC Water?

Ever wondered what’s the right way to go about having pure drinking water? You know that a lot of our tap water is full of all sorts of chemicals that are foreign to the body, and that can cause all sorts of problems, even cancer.

You also know that bottled water مياة مايلز is expensive, maybe not all that pure, and that plastic bottles are filling up our landfills. Did you know that we throw away some 60,000,000 bottles a day-over 500,000 cubic feet worth of bottles every day?

And think of the energy required to manufacture 60,000,000 bottles every day!

If you’re using a bottled water delivery service, that’s pretty expensive water, too, and those diesel delivery trucks aren’t a good thing for the environment.

All-in-all, either little bottles or big bottles generate a pretty big environmental price to pay to have pure water-especially when you don’t have to do it that way.

Not only that, but there have been plenty of instances where people didn’t get good clean water in their bottles anyway. There are no federal standards for the quality and purity of bottled water, so the water put in the bottles is often just drawn from local municipal water supplies.

And what’s in that water? Researchers have found over 2100 chemicals, including pesticides prescription drugs, and all sorts of other dangerous stuff in U.S. water supplies.

Pure drinking water is crucial to our health, and it’s even more important to the health of our children. (Children drink about three times as much water relative to their body weight as adults do, and their defense systems are not as well developed as ours.)

OK-so what’s the best way to have pure drinking water in your home, inexpensively, and in a socially-responsible way? The ultimate is a quality in-home filtration system. The best ones, (the carbon filter-type) are inexpensive to install, cheap to operate, and they remove almost all the dangerous chemicals and micro-organisms from the water, without removing the minerals that make water taste good.

There are two major kinds of filters-reverse osmosis, and carbon filtration. I prefer the carbon filtration system. It’s simpler, more reliable, less expensive to operate, and does a better overall job of filtering.

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