How to Clean Athletic Shoes: 12 Steps with Pictures

The most important thing to keep in mind when cleaning suede is how much liquid you’re allowing to sink into the fabric. “Always be cautious of how much water and/or solution you are using,” Angsuvarn says. “The key is to have a microfiber towel handy to soak up the moisture shortly after it’s applied to the shoes and not let too much moisture set into the suede.” Use the normal wash cycle to wash canvas shoes with regular laundry detergent in warm or cold water.

Remove Tough Oil or Grease Stains with Talcum Powder

As such, it requires special care to ensure it stays in tip-top shape. If you can still see the stain, try using vinegar 1 or 2 more times to see if the mark lightens up any more. ​​Spray your shoes with a suede protectant to keep them safe from damage in the future. “Very clear and easy to understand, a big help for cutting expenses on new shoes.” Without socks, sweat will accumulate in your shoes. Bacteria will thrive in this moisture, giving your shoes a distinctly unpleasant smell that you will struggle to fix.

The logic behind this is that you’re more likely to move dirt around and make white shoes dirtier if you try to clean them while we. You should only use cool or cold to clean tough stains from satin shoes.

Shoe Cleaner Brush

After much research, we have developed a list of the top shoe cleaners that will give your shoes a long life and a great look. Waterproof, shine, and clean your boots easily using a great shoe cleaner, and avoid buying new shoes constantly. Keeping your shoes clean and cared for will ensure you always look good and save money. Having the best shoe cleaner will extend the lifespan of your shoe—no matter what type of shoe you wear. Use a second dry cloth to buff the shoe surface for a perfect shine.

Cleaning Dirty or Smelly Insoles

If you stop here, you end up with a matte, colorful finish that has a natural look. A leather cleaner removes any foreign substances and dust that would otherwise get trapped under the polish and damage the leather. It also prepares the surface of the leather to accept the moisturizer and polish by stripping away the excess oils and polish already present.

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