How to choose your quarantine hotel


The commonly used word in the last two years is “quarantine”. Since the Covid-19 is highly contagious for safety purposes home quarantine was initially urged. Today since the vaccination drives have increased and economies started to bounce back the travel restrictions have also been relaxed. Nonetheless, travelers need to be aware of the rules and policies while they are traveling which primarily includes hotel accommodation. Although there is no particular layout of how to not lose sanity while being isolated for two weeks there are measures to stay safe and ensure accomplishment of quarantine. Furthermore to travel safe book a Cathay Pacific flight for an enjoyable and hassle-free journey.

Travelers might find the hotel stay, bookings, and policies overwhelming however the process can be simplified by creating a list to choose the hotel. Firstly get a clear understanding of the country you are visiting and the policies also find out details if you are visiting from any of the countries which are at a high-risk level. This will eliminate most of the worry of traveling.

Quarantining facilities are designed as per the government orders based on the needs of the country. It is important to be prepared for the stay as it may be challenging for people who are unaware of the process. As the quarantining facilities are unique most of the time you don’t have enough information about the stay after you arrive at your destination.

It might help to study about the place:

As mentioned above there will be different ways of quarantine=ne rules in different regions. It is advisable to research before you leave the location about the number of cases, policies, what are the best hotels for quarantine in that region, for example as per Hong Kong quarantine policies there will be designated hotels for most arrivals. Yet an array of hotels is prepared to welcome the guests to offer the best experience during their quarantine.


You can find a list of hotels that provide ample amenities to the guests while they are caged in the room for two weeks. These hotels are solely meant for quarantine guests and they implement special safety measures and the highest standards of hygiene. You can scour for different hotels that offer special options like in-room amenities which include TV, Ac, tea, and coffee makers in the rooms, meals at proper times, additionally look for hotels that allow you to order food delivery from apps.

Always read reviews and customer testimonials:

There are many sites on the internet that give honest feedback of the hotel as the reviews are the customers. Read the customer’s reviews online to understand what the hotels provide in reality like the wifi, cable, food, laundry, dishwashing, etc.

Contact the hotels directly:

Another option to choose the right hotel is by speaking to the representative of the hotel and find out about the hotel policies. You can be prepared with some questions like the possibility of getting connecting rooms, view from the room, provision for exercise equipment does the hotel considers special diet restrictions for patients.

Water facility:

It is very important to know how the hotel will supply drinking water. Water is the most essential requirement. Since you can’t step out nor can you survive with one bottle of water it is extremely vital to talk to the hotel about the water facility.

Locking up you in one place for two weeks is scary but most of us have already been experiencing this due to the lockdown. As you are alone in the hotel don’t only focus on the accommodation also consider ways to be mentally fit. In light of this requirement, it is recommended to be in a place that is center of the city, a bustling area will make you feel alive. As you hear the noises, look at the busy streets from the windows, gaze at the billboards, etc it will help to stay with the times.

The changes in policies are rapid and dynamic, with these things in mind also remember to find out cancellation, refund policies before you agree to the terms. These things vary drastically in all regions. Be sure to know the pricing, in case there is any pre-payment or payment in full to be made before arrival. Choose the ones that are more accommodating and have flexible payment options with good amenities.

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