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Let’s face it. In today’s industrial world, there is no such thing left as clean drinking water. There is so much industrial waste being dumped into our rivers, there is no wonder there are a host of chemicals in tap water. Let’s take a look at the ones we are at the most risk from.

This is one of the most common chemicals in tap water. So much so, that many people do not even think about chlorinated water. It’s been added in where can i buy 1P-LSD online  the water to make it safe for us – so we can drink it without any risk, right?

Actually, not. The reason this chemical is added in the water in storage is to kill the bacteria in it and prevent water borne diseases. It does protect us from typhoid and cholera, but is still a toxic chemical and can even lead to cancer.

It has been long thought that adding fluoride to drinking water helps protect us from dental decay. Latest research, however, does not seem to support this claim. If anything, over exposure to this chemical causes our teeth to decay and leads to dental fluorosis.

Prescription Drugs
If you drink tap water without filtering it, chances are high a lot of dissolved prescription drugs will make their way into your body. Tap water has been found to contain traces of pain killers, anti depressants, hormones and many over the counter drugs like aspirin too.

Chemicals that make up the soaps and shampoos we use, also make their way into the water supply and can be found in tap water. As you can guess, none of these chemicals are any good for your health.

At the end of the day, we have to be responsible for our own health. Plain tap water is just too dangerous and is not fit for consumption. If you want to protect yourself from their dangerous side effects, you need to strip of the chemicals from the water.

A good water filter can help you do that very effectively. Look for one which can effectively remove all chemicals in tap water, and still is able to retain the natural minerals found in it. Hint: It’s not a reverse osmosis system.


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